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Dark Patterns: When nudge becomes sludge Webinar

October 13, 2022
Two contrast steel architecture adjacent building, London, UK

Oliver Latham is panelist during webinar: Dark patterns: When nudge becomes sludge.

Panelists will discuss some of the key questions around dark patterns in digital markets:

  1. Why is the current legislation inadequate to protect consumers against dark patterns?
  2. What competition and consumer policies are necessary to drive innovation, productivity, and growth?
  3. What tactics and resources are needed to extend this protection to vertical businesses and to open markets gated by the tech giants?
  4. Could fair algorithms be enough to tame the ‘pulling power’ of misleading online marketing?
  5. Should we opt to educate consumers or adopt stricter regulation?
  6.  As technology moves light years faster than regulation, what framework is appropriate to balance certainty and flexibility

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