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Diversity on Corporate Boards Webinar Series – Session II: How do we propel change?

May 20, 2021

CRA’s three-part Diversity on Corporate Boards webinar series continued with its second panel. Public board directors Christine Detrick, Maria Green and Barbara Yastine shared personal stories of their experiences as board members, offered tips for recruiting others and how to make certain that all voices are heard in the boardroom. They were joined by Janice Ellig, a pioneer dedicated to placing women and minorities on public company boards. Moderated by Elaine Wood, the panel discussed what it takes to be an effective board member. All panelists agreed that the key to success is earning the trust of fellow directors — by doing the work at the board and committee level and offering substantive contributions. Establishing your own reputation and cultivating your network is especially important for those not already known to the company through the “old boys’ network.” Opening the aperture to look more broadly at board qualifications will also help companies improve diversity metrics. Boards should be looking for an all-around athlete – a candidate with judgment – not only candidates who come from the C-suite or who have a predetermined skill set.

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