CRA Webinar

Diversity on Corporate Boards Webinar Series – Session I: Current outlook and relevant themes

May 6, 2021

Charles River Associates launched a three-part webinar series focused on the economic and social impact of diversity on corporate boards, with the first session on “Current outlook and relevant themes.”

The first panel discussed initiatives that different stakeholders are using to steer firms to increase diversity on corporate boards. The discussion explored legal and regulatory perspectives in the push for greater gender and racial board diversity and highlighted relevant academic findings that can be used to inform decisions relating to board size and structure. Moderated by Dr. Ana Balcarcel, the panel, Professor S.P. Kothari, Betty Moy Huber and Dr. Zawadi Lemayian, discussed various topics including current SEC disclosure rules, the relative effectiveness of disclosures versus mandates on quotas, and board diversity discussions currently happening on boards and with firm management around proxy season and on an ongoing basis.

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