Speaking Engagement

EV Charging Infrastructure Canada 2024

July 10-11, 2024
Mississauga, Ontario
Charles River Associates EV charging vehicles

Alexander Bakulev is a panelist during the session titled “The role of policies and regulations in EV charging infrastructure roll-out” discussing:

  • What specific policies and regulations are currently in place to support the deployment of EV charging infrastructure?
  • What can be learned from the policy landscapes in leading EU markets such as the Nordics?
  • What are some of the incentives put in place by federal and local governments to expand EV charging infrastructure?

Rob Stocker is a panelist during the session titled “Innovations and challenges in implementing V2G for smart cities” discussing:

  • How can V2G be a key for transitioning to a stable grid powered by renewable energies only?
  • What role would V2G play as the electricity and transportation sector transitions to net-zero?
  • From a grid operator perspective, how V2G differ from residential v. C&I buildings?
  • To what degree will V2G become critical to grid infrastructure?

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