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Vice President
Alexander Bakulev | Energy | Charles RIver Associates

Alexander Bakulev is a vice president in CRA’s Energy Practice, located in Toronto. With over 20 years of expertise in the electricity industry, he specializes in providing strategic guidance on utility asset strategies, regulatory applications, economic impacts, integrated planning, grid modernization, and resiliency and reliability challenges. Mr. Bakulev’s consulting work focuses on asset value optimization and working closely with clients to develop innovative strategies that maximize asset values and align utilities with the demands of a rapidly changing system load and the transition to a net-zero environment. Additionally, he prepares expert reports to support clients during regulatory proceedings and conducts due diligence assessments for electric transmission and distribution utilities.

Prior to joining CRA, Mr. Bakulev served as the chief executive officer of a Canadian management consulting firm that catered to generation, transmission, and distribution utilities. His leadership was instrumental in establishing a renowned asset management and asset analytics consulting practice throughout North America, making significant contributions to the successes of major Canadian and US utilities.

His background also includes entrepreneurial endeavors involving technology corporate start-ups in the energy sector, concentrating on asset investment planning solutions and spatial data analytics. His diverse professional background includes senior management roles within electric utilities, encompassing operations, asset management, and regulatory positions. He has co-authored various risk and asset management publications and research papers and developed industry-leading asset life-cycle and risk models, project optimization tools, and load forecasting methodologies.

With his extensive industry knowledge, strategic acumen, and commitment to innovation, Mr. Bakulev consistently delivers exceptional results for clients in the energy sector.

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