Sponsorship & Speaking Engagement

GAR Interactive: Mining

March 25, 2021
solar panel reflection

CRA is a proud sponsor of this event.

Tiago Duarte-Silva is co-chair of the conference.

Jim Burrows is a panelist during the session titled “The unique aspects of mining disputes.”

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Panel recap

During his panel, Jim Burrows offered insights into the different approaches to valuation in mining disputes and how the choice of such methods differs depending on where the asset in question is in its lifecycle. Jim touched on the use of the DCF valuation method as widely recognised when valuing producing assets and mentioned the importance of risk adjustment when valuing assets in early production phase. For assets in pre-production phase, Jim noted that a Market or Cost Approach may be appropriate, all the while ensuring that all risks are accounted for properly in the valuation. In using the Market Approach, Jim explained the importance of ensuring that the comparable companies used to value the asset at stake are indeed comparable, and that any differences need to be reflected appropriately in any valuation.