GCR Live 4th Annual Antitrust Law Leaders Forum

February 6-7, 2015
The Ritz-Carlton, Miami, FL

CRA is proud to co-sponsor the 4th Annual GCR Live Antitrust Law Leaders Forum in Miami, FL. In addition to the following speakers, CRA is also hosting the conference dinner on Friday night.
Margaret Sanderson chairs the conference and will also moderate a “Roundtable with Agency Heads of Economics.”
Carl Shapiro is a panelist on “Evidence in Merger Reviews – Handling Customer Views,” and will discuss the relative and potentially changing importance of customer feedback and economic evidence to agencies conducting merger reviews in light of the court’s discounting of the views of customers in BazaarVoice.
Sean Durkin will be a panelist on the topic entitled, “Sharing Technology and Facilitating Competitor Success as a Remedy in Innovation Markets,” where they will discuss the obligation to share technology with competitors and facilitate the success of competitors as a remedy in certain innovation markets, and the effectiveness of such remedies in restoring competitive market dynamics.
Matthew Bennett is a panelist on “Creating Transparency in Markets: Coordination and Information Exchange,” and will discuss the recent antitrust scrutiny of coordination and information exchange practices used by market participants to create price discovery mechanisms and enhance price transparency as well as agency responses to information exchange and hub-and-spoke coordination.
Peter Boberg is a panelist on “Clean Up in Aisle 3 – New Approaches to Merger Review in the Retail Sector,” and will discuss competition and consolidation in the retail sector and how the rise of online sales platforms and other disruptive technologies have influenced the development of merger analysis.
Steve Salop is a panelist on the topic entitled, “A Vertical Tide in Merger Review.” They will discuss recent trends in vertical theories of harm in merger review.
Bob Topel is a panelist on “Compliance and Crisis Management: A Global Perspective,” and will discuss the qualities that make up effective antitrust and anti–corruption compliance programs and their growing importance, and consider how those policies help (or hinder) in a crisis situation.
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