Speaking Engagement

International Conference on Biobetters and Regulatory Affairs

June 27-28, 2018
Vancouver, Canada

Dr. Gregory Bell is a keynote speaker on “Biobetters vs Biosimilars: Opportunities, threats & strategic implications.” Biosimilars and biobetters portend huge changes in the marketplace, from both regulatory and legal perspectives.  This talk will focus on the strategic implications of the introduction of biosimilars and biobetters.  How will biosimilars and biobetters be marketed?  How might those marketing strategies differ from the perspective of a traditional generic product or a traditional branded product?  We will consider the ways through which biobetters could be differentiated from biosimilars and how those differences might be manifest in the go-to-market strategies supporting the products.  We will also address portfolio considerations and what might be the role of a portfolio of biosimilars and biobetters alongside a portfolio of branded products related to a condition.  
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