The Long and Winding Road: An Update on the FTC’s Latest Hospital Merger Cases

January 18, 2017

At the end of 2015, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) challenged three different hospital mergers—one in Huntington, WV; one in Harrisburg, PA; and one in Chicago, IL—alleging each transaction violated the federal antitrust laws. Almost a year later, each of these cases have taken a number of twists and turns, including the FTC’s first loss at the District Court level in almost a decade, followed by an FTC win at the Circuit Court level.
This webinar will discuss what the 3rd and 7th Circuit had to say about hospital mergers, whether these cases are the beginning of a new era in hospital merger antitrust enforcement, and practical antitrust tips to keep in mind for your next merger or acquisition. CRA Vice President Monica Noether is a faculty member for this webinar. 
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