CRA Webinar

Oncology in 2024 and Beyond: A Payer Perspective Webinar

June 12, 2024

This CRA-moderated 30-minute, intimate roundtable discussion focuses on several of the key ongoing and emerging topics in oncology and what this may mean for future pricing, access, and commercialisation of assets across Europe.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Oncology combination pricing: where are we now, what challenges remain, and how do we move forward?
  • mRNA oncology vaccines: how will payers approach pricing for this new technological approach to cancer treatment?
  • Upcoming PD-(L)1 patent expiries: how will the loss of exclusivity for several keystone brands impact future payer decision making for new monotherapy and combination launches?

The topics discussed during the session build on several key recent CRA-produced articles found here:


Renato Bernardini, Italy, ex-AIFA

Steve Hajioff, UK, ex-NICE

Juergen Wasem, Germany, ex-GBA


Aaron Everitt, Principal, Charles River Associates, London, UK

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