Strategies for combination therapy in oncology: Part one – Business as usual

October 25, 2023
Charles River Associates medicine on money

This article was originally published in PM360.

This is the first in a three-part series examining the commercial dynamics surrounding combination therapy in oncology across the US and Europe. In this article, we discuss the challenges and opportunities within the current landscape and key issues impacting pricing and access for combination therapy.

Manufacturers, or “initiators,” of combinations face significant pricing risks, namely that the price achieved for the combination or its individual components will not support the internal business case. Risk varies across markets, as discussed, but also across combinations, depending on the characteristics of the combination therapy. While many factors affect pricing risk, the most fundamental ones relate to the ownership and nature of the combination’s components.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers continue to push forward with active combination therapy pipelines, seeking to offer improvements over SoC in oncology. It is their prerogative to support and commercialize new innovation, providing new therapeutic options to patients. This makes it vital to consider pricing strategy and the implications for lifecycle management early in the development process.

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