CRA Webinar

The Road to COP26: The Future of E-Mobility in the US & Europe: Challenges on the Road Ahead

April 29, 2021
Electric vehicle charging

Ahead of the COP26 Conference in Glasgow this November, Charles River Associates’ (CRA) Energy Practice is running a global campaign: The Road to COP26, focusing on the most pertinent climate change topics.

In partnership with Hubject Consulting, CRA launched the first event of this series, The Future of E-Mobility in the US & Europe, hosted by Tilmann Hensel-Roth (CRA) and Oliver Adrian (Hubject).

Moderated by Meera Kotak (CRA), panelists Magda Lukaszewicz (Balderton Capital), Mansukh (Mike) Nakrani (bp), Avinash Rugoobur (ARRIVAL) and Rob Wozny (Alliant Energy) discussed the role of regulation, infrastructure, finance and OEMs.

Below is a highlight video from the webinar. If you’re interested in watching the full webinar or want to learn more about CRA’s COP26 campaign, please reach out to our team at