Abuse of Dominance Under Article 102 TFEU

September 1, 2013

Matthew BennettAnne Layne-Farrar
Anne Layne-Farrar and Matthew Bennett each contributed a chapter in a new book entitled, Abuse of Dominance Under Article 102 TFEU. Dr. Layne-Farrar co-authored a chapter on abusive discrimination with Alice Setari and Paul Stuart and  Dr. Bennett’s chapter, Refusal to Deal, was written with Maurits Dolmans. The book covers all of the main issues relating to Article 102, which prohibits the abuse of a dominant position as incompatible with the internal market, including the individual forms of abuse and its essential constituent elements of Article 102 market definition, dominance, and the concept of abuse.  The book provides a selection of case law, legal and economic literature, and analysis and commentary. For more information, click the link below.