Antimicrobial Resistance Policy Solutions

November 21, 2023
Genetic research, conceptual image

It is difficult to imagine someone who hasn’t called on antibiotics to help them through an infection or protect them during a surgery. Thanks to developments over the last 150 years, once life-threatening bacterial encounters have been relegated to minor inconveniences. Or have they? The clock is ticking on our antimicrobial utopia as bacteria continue to adapt to and overcome available antibiotic options. Combine this with a lack of new pharmaceutical innovations, and we get the perfect recipe for a future where bacteria cause greater mortality than cancer.

This World AMR Awareness Week, we highlight the progress that has been made around the world in trying to incentivize innovation, while emphasizing that we still have a long way to go. CRA’s Anti-Infectives Mission has put together this call to action for stakeholders around the globe to combat antimicrobial resistance.