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Antitrust & Competition Year in Review 2023

February 9, 2024

In 2023 we worked on even more mergers and litigation cases, including several high-profile mergers requiring approvals in multiple jurisdictions. Our ability to address the complexity of the analysis and overlapping interests of national regulators is an example of our industry-leading expertise and global reach.

In this update, we review some of our work, including several engagements that brought about large successes for our clients and team. Such engagements included mergers and acquisitions, class action litigation, and expert testimony.

We continue to publish and present on important antitrust developments such as the draft US Merger Guidelines and the need for more empirical evidence to assess how merger policy affects not only the level, but also the direction of pre-merger innovation incentives. We remain a destination of choice for economic experts seeking to advise on cutting-edge issues and continue their scholarship.

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