CRA Insights

Antitrust Litigation Watch - June

June 17, 2020

In this inaugural edition of the Antitrust Literature Watch, we feature recent papers by attorneys, economists, and academics that are focused on issues pertinent to North American antitrust litigation.
The abstracts included below are as written by the author(s) and are unedited. Author affiliations and titles are reflected in the abstracts and papers. Included in this edition are:

  • papers on class actions that discuss risks, incentives, and recent trends in class certification and antitrust class action litigation.
  • articles addressing collusion in a blockchain environment, the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to facilitate coordination and the associated role of information signals and reduced demand uncertainty, and methods for detecting bid-rigging cartels with descriptive statistics and machine learning.
  • studies of antitrust policy that ask what we can learn from firms’ markups over costs, “bigness,” and “hipster antitrust,” and address the objectives of antitrust, including the Chicago School’s views on competition, the consumer welfare standard, and the application of economics in recent Supreme Court cases.
  • examinations of the tools, challenges, and policy for addressing monopsony in labor markets, with applications to buyer power in digital markets, anti-poaching agreements, non-competition covenants, healthcare and prescription drugs.
  • tech: platforms and multi-sided markets studies of intra-platform exclusion in software markets and tech monopolies and innovation.

To learn more about these topics and other recent antitrust publications, click below to download a copy of Antitrust Literature Watch.