Timothy Snail

Vice President

Dr. Timothy S. Snail is a vice president in the Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice. Tim applies his expertise in disputes involving a broad range of economic issues, including antitrust, complex commercial litigation, and class action matters.

He has provided economic and statistical analysis in high-stakes matters in a variety of industries for over 20 years, including expert testimony in US federal district courts, US state courts, Canadian courts, and in arbitrations before the International Chamber of Commerce.

In antitrust and competition, Dr. Snail has assisted clients in matters involving market definition, mergers and acquisitions, monopolization, exclusive dealing, collusion and price fixing, bid rigging, group boycotts, bundling, tying, aftermarkets, loyalty discounts, price discrimination, multi-sided markets, predatory pricing, refusals to deal, no-poach and no-hire agreements, antitrust counterclaims arising from intellectual property disputes, and MFNs.

In commercial litigation, he has engaged in matters involving false or deceptive advertising/marketing and pricing, unfair competition and deceptive trade practices, price-gouging, fraud, false claims, product liability, breach of contract and warranty, lost profits, irreparable harm, commercial success, and RICO conspiracies.

Dr. Snail advises clients with regard to economic analysis of class certification for direct and indirect purchasers, merits, causation, damages, sales forecasting, statistical sampling, survey research, large-scale data analysis, and econometrics. His work spans a wide range of industries.

Selected Engagements

  • 01
    Antitrust price discrimination and damages claims
    CRA Vice President Dr. Timothy Snail advised counsel to Firestone, a roofing products manufacturer, and testified at deposition on economic issues related to...
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  • 02
    Antitrust tying, monopolization and refusal to deal in the high-technology industry
    CRA Vice President Dr. Timothy Snail advised counsel to Brooks Automation, a semiconductor automation provider, and testified at deposition on economic issues...
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  • 03
    Consumer class action involving Medicare
    CRA Vice President Dr. Timothy Snail advised counsel for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on economic issues relating to merits, causation and damages in a...
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