CRA Insights

Challenge of the cure: Examining the P&MA challenges of disruptive therapies in Europe

May 2, 2019

To help understand the pricing and access challenges facing disruptive therapies such as gene and cell therapy (GCT), we recently enlisted the help of payers from EU5 countries. In our discussions—held in Zurich, London, Munich and Paris—we asked our experts to provide both their personal and country-specific perspectives.

While uncertainty is, and will continue to be, a known factor in decision-making for GCTs, the challenges of risk and affordability may be areas where healthcare systems can find workable solutions that will allow payers to contain costs while encouraging innovation.

pportunities for cost-savings can be identified in most healthcare systems and in payment methods that alleviate the additional cost burdens of GCTs. As for the task of encouraging pharmaceutical industry innovation, this is a much broader topic that must be addressed at the macro policy and political level.