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Cryptocurrency Certified at CRA

May 11, 2022

When allegations of fraud or misconduct arise involving cryptocurrencies or blockchains, CRA’s professionals help clients get to truth by preserving, analyzing, enriching, and triangulating blockchain-level transaction data.

We combine an in-depth understanding of the rapidly changing regulatory expectations as well as proven tools and techniques to summarize transactions associated with known exchanges, transfers and movement of cryptocurrency, and to visually analyze transactions to more quickly discern recognizable patterns such as layering, tumbling, and integration.

It was reported on May 11, 2022 that crypto-software provider, Chainalysis secured $170 million in funding and is now valued at $8.6 billion. Chainalysis is a provider of software that serves as an additional force enable for CRA’s investigative professionals. Our cross-trained professionals, many of whom are certified in Chainalysis’ Cryptocurrency Fundamentals, leverage powerful blockchain intelligence tools to quickly identify and analyze ownership attribution information that can be used to de-anonymize blockchain addresses and identify areas for further investigation. For example, we can help trace and recover assets, uncover associations with criminal groups, bring fraud schemes to light, and spot relationships with exchanges and fiat off-ramps where criminal proceeds are being converted from digital currencies to cash, and help protect crypto exchanges from abuse by threat actors.

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