Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology and its applications are disrupting established industries while simultaneously creating new ones. The broad accessibility of cryptocurrency and other digital assets has increased their exposure to legal controversy, as the regulations governing digital asset markets evolve. At the same time, blockchain’s business applications continue to multiply, resulting in new economic challenges requiring a thoughtful approach. CRA’s experts bring the rigor of their vast expertise and credentials to this ecosystem, whether in support of litigation, business processes, or investigations.

Our focus areas


  • 01
    Bitcoin operations for trading and development platforms
    Assisted early stage trading and development platforms as well as established bitcoin mining operations with a global transfer pricing analysis assigning...
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  • 02
    New digital services marketplace for US blockchain technology company
    Worked with a US blockchain technology company launching a new digital services marketplace and cryptocurrency to establish their global transfer pricing and...
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  • 03
    Cryptocurrency Investigation
    Two individuals were suspected of attempting to purchase weapons with cryptocurrency in support of terrorist activity. Our expert analyzed the blockchain and...
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