Drug Development – The promise of cutting-edge microbiome-based therapeutics

March 3, 2022
Genetic research, conceptual image

When identifying promising micro­biome therapeutic approaches for any dis­ease or condition, it is critical to understand the mechanism of disease and disease pathways as well as the role of the microbiome. While there has been in­creasing evidence that a healthy micro­biome supports proper function of organs and metabolic systems, more research needs to be done to further establish the connection between the microbiome and human health. Advances in research will help drive a new focus on the treatment of diseases linked to the microbiome and the emergence of novel microbiome-based therapies, including probiotics, in the years ahead. Manufacturers must carefully con­sider any existing barriers and the optimal approach for entering the microbiome field to ensure success.

This article was originally published Drug Development & Delivery (DD&D). 

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