Marakon Commentary

Global macroeconomic outlook

February 9, 2022

In this Marakon Commentary, Neal Kissel, Arushi Chopra, and Jake Brewer present the global macroeconomic outlook in light of recent financial, scientific, geopolitical, and
economic developments, as well as key risks to monitor that could destabilize the global recovery.

As we enter 2022, the global economic engine is overheating with inflation higher and more broad-based than anticipated, worrying investors and Central Banks alike. Additional risks to monitor include new potential COVID-19 variants, a mounting global debt pile, and ongoing geopolitical instability. The UK despite a successful vaccine rollout faces challenges of its own with a cost-of-living crisis threatening short-term recovery and Brexit likely to exert a long-term drag. Forward-looking executives are closely monitoring these macro-economic indicators to anticipate challenges and find hidden opportunities, e.g., building capabilities in an inflationary market, managing the energy transition amidst an energy crisis.

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