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The gap between what markets value and what society values is closing. Risks and opportunities linked to sustainability are tangible and can have a significant impact on business performance.  Delivering long-term value for both shareholders and stakeholders is about maximizing the overlap of sustainability and strategy. CRA and Marakon partner with executives, boards, and business units to develop integrated sustainability agendas that reflect the business’ impact on a broad set of stakeholders and the ambitions of its leaders. Our approach is based on designing clear roadmaps for embedding the sustainability agenda into core business activities through the systematic use of key managerial levers to drive progress.

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  • 01
    Cleaner energy portfolio support for oil and gas company
    CRA worked with a major oil and gas company to develop its future view on energy service demands and the technologies that will be required to meet those...
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  • 02
    Developing an ESG framework to create stakeholder value for an infrastructure fund
    CRA worked with a major North American infrastructure fund to conduct a baseline diagnostic and peer benchmark of their ESG strategy, processes, and asset...
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  • 03
    Sustainability strategy for major utility/infrastructure client
    Consulted with the CEO and COO of a major oil and gas company on portfolio reshaping and revamping of the resource allocation methodology to underpin long term...
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