Joshua Sherman


Dr. Josh Sherman is on a leave of absence from CRA at the Israel Competition Authority.

Dr. Sherman is a faculty member at Northwestern University, where he has taught courses in antitrust economics, law and economics, and econometrics. He has been engaged to analyze alleged anticompetitive behavior and estimate antitrust damages and he has provided economic and econometric analysis to clients in a variety of matters, including matters relating to alleged monopolization, collusion, and mergers. Dr. Sherman’s peer-reviewed academic articles in journals such as The Economic Journal and Management Science have examined various aspects surrounding competition and pricing behavior and he has delivered talks at conferences, regulatory agencies, and universities worldwide. Prior to teaching at Northwestern, Dr. Sherman served on the faculty of the economics department at the University of Vienna, where he was the sole nominee from over 250 Business, Economics, and Statistics faculty members for the University of Vienna Teaching Award for Entry Level Classes.