The impact of vaccine procurement methods on public health in selected European countries

January 28, 2020

Across Europe, immunization programs have brought immense benefits to the prevention of infectious diseases. The vaccines used are procured through a variety of models such as tenders and pricing and reimbursement. However, to date, the impact of the procurement method on the performance and sustainability of vaccination programs and on public health has received little attention. Given the importance of vaccines to public health, the impact of how vaccines are purchased should be an area of considerable policy attention. 
In this study published in Expert Review of Vaccines, Tim Wilsdon, Ryan Lawlor, Lilian Li, Alexandru Rafila & Amós García Rojas aim to understand the different types of procurement methods used for vaccines and their relationship between vaccine market dynamics, specifically: vaccine coverage; supply sustainability; competition/vaccine choice; value-added services; and incentives to invest in Research and Development (R&D).
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