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Payer value demonstration—The evolving role of health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)

June 2024
Medical finances on desk

In April 2024, CRA’s Life Sciences Practice hosted a dinner and interactive roundtable discussion on “Payer Value Demonstration – The Evolving Role of HEOR,” with contributions from leading experts.  The topic of value demonstration is continually evolving, especially in the eyes of payers. Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) provides vitally important data to demonstrate meaningful value that can help inform and improve payer decision-making.

The panel focused on current trends in HEOR, in which key areas manufacturers are demonstrating value to payers, and how payers are integrating HEOR into their assessments. While the future of HEOR is positive given significant remaining unmet medical needs, rising healthcare demands, and evolving budgets, the approaches must be tailored, as a singular model is ineffective across different diseases. It is increasingly important to highlight expertise in the HEOR space with rationalized, validated approaches to address these diverse needs, demonstrate meaningful value to payers, and optimize healthcare outcomes.  Read the summary of payer value demonstration here.