Pharma 2030: Will payers fund more preventive care programmes?

October 27, 2020
Charles River Associates Yellow Pill Production Line

Preventive care programmes (i.e. vaccination programmes, smoking cessation services, support for physical activity, access to technologies that support early detection of diseases) are key to better health outcomes, but several factors are limiting their uptake.

While the benefits of preventive measures are established, integration of many options can be limited when payers do not agree on what are considered adequate or optimal levels of preventive care. This is especially true when preventive care involves a direct cost to payers. In their PharmaPhorum article, Michele Pistollato, Rajini Jayasuriya, and Elaine Damato analyse the barriers that currently limit reimbursement for many preventive care services and how the evolution of healthcare systems and preventive care offerings could change the demand and uptake of preventive care by 2030.

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