Supply, transmission and demand challenges exist for hydrogen with regulatory certainty a key driver of risk

October 4, 2023
Hydrogen pipeline with wind turbines

Will the EU meet its H2 plans?

In this infographic, CRA energy experts address this question, in particular focusing on the recent supply and demand developments and how that impacts the overall hydrogen transmission buildout across the block. Equally, the following questions are fundamental discussion points for investors, developers, regulators and last but not least hydrogen offtakers, that we would be more than interested to assist on:

  1. How will the potential slow-down of European Hydrogen Backbone build-out affect regional hydrogen transport across EU and what impact will it have on the market?
  2. Can EU still reach its 20Mtpa renewable hydrogen use goal by 2030, despite focusing more on the demand rather than supply side measures?
  3. Does the recent bilateral partnership between Germany and UK provide a blueprint for stimulating hydrogen demand and regulation and how much should other countries follow suit?”