What’s so special about hospitals? An examination and look into hospital merger review and analysis

March 7, 2022
Clinic corridor in a hospital

The ABA Antitrust Law Section now has a weekly podcast program, called “Our Curious Amalgam.” The podcasts cover everything related to antitrust, consumer protection, data, and privacy. More information can be found at http://ourcuriousamalgam.com/about/.

It’s unusual for a year to go by without the FTC challenging at least one contemplated or consummated hospital merger. What makes this area so ripe for antitrust scrutiny? Monica Noether, an economic expert in this area, joins Christina Ma and Elyse Dorsey from the the ABA Antitrust Law Section’s “Our Curious Amalgam” podcast to discuss this critical area of agency enforcement. Listen to this episode to hear more about how the agencies consider the costs—and potential benefits—of hospital mergers, and how changes driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, technological developments, and more are impacting this analysis.

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