Annabelle Fowler

Associate Principal

Annabelle Fowler specializes in life sciences litigation and policy, with a background in health economics, industrial organization, and healthcare policy.

Dr. Fowler is an applied microeconomist specializing in litigation and policy in the healthcare and life sciences industries. She has led a number of projects related to innovation, regulation, and competition in these markets. Dr. Fowler has also spoken to international audiences on the economics of pharmaceuticals, the US healthcare system, and relevant policy issues.

Dr. Fowler previously served at the Office of Economics and Analysis at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, where she evaluated the public health and policy implications of market dynamics in the generics industry. While there, she was awarded the FDA Special Recognition for providing rigorous quantitative understanding of generic market dynamics. Dr. Fowler is a native English and Spanish speaker, and conversational in Portuguese.


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