Bharati Mandapati

Vice President

Bharati Mandapati specializes in industrial organization and applied economics.

She has extensive experience conducting sophisticated data analyses, involving large transaction or demographic databases, for mergers and antitrust cases. Since joining CRA, she has conducted both qualitative and quantitative economic analysis for matters involving attempted monopolization, bundling, tying, exclusionary conduct, price fixing, price discrimination, mergers, intellectual property, and securities fraud. Her work has covered a broad range of industries including semiconductors, electronic payment networks, healthcare, gasoline, and consumer products.

Selected Engagements

  • 01
    CRA assists door manufacturer Steves & Sons in groundbreaking Section 7 jury trial win
    CRA provided expert testimony and antitrust analysis in a groundbreaking antitrust jury trial on behalf interior molded door manufacturer Steves & Sons on...
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  • 02
    CRA economists advise FTC on its successful challenge to Staples/Office Depot merger
    CRA economists supported the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) throughout its review of the proposed $6.3 billion merger of Staples and Office Depot. CRA...
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  • 03
    Oracle America Inc. v. Micron Technology Inc.
    CRA economists advised Micron Technology Inc. in a lawsuit brought by Oracle America Inc. over an alleged conspiracy to increase the price of dynamic random...
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