Ilton Soares

Associate Principal

Ilton Soares is an associate principal in the Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice, where he works primarily on merger and litigation cases.

He holds a PhD in economics from Columbia University, where he specialized in industrial organization and econometrics. Dr. Soares has extensive experience with economic and econometric modeling in antitrust and litigation, including analysis of mergers, foreclosure, cartels, demand estimation, damage estimation, spatial competition, bargaining, and non-price competition.

Dr. Soares has examined the competitive effects of proposed mergers and allegations of anti-competitive behavior in antitrust litigation cases in a wide range of industries, including fuel, casinos, chemicals, consumer products, medical devices, hermetic compressors, multimedia rights, office supplies, telecommunications, and health care.

Dr. Soares has done academic research on mergers in markets with exclusive dealing contracts, entry models, spatial competition, and network formation. He presented his research at Harvard Business School, Cornell University, Columbia University, and Microsoft Research. Dr. Soares has lectured econometrics, microeconomics, game theory, and industrial organization at undergraduate and graduate levels and has refereed for the International Journal of Industrial Organization and Journal of Applied Econometrics.

Selected engagements

  • 01
    CRA expert Joanna Tsai advises e-commerce platforms in successful merger
    CRA economists advised a global e-commerce leader in a $300 million acquisition of a US-based specialized online platform.  The transaction was announced and...
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  • 02
    Damages analysis in alleged cartel in Brazil
    CRA consultants were retained in a matter involving damages claims from an alleged cartel in the market for hermetic compressors in Brazil. CRA’s expert report...
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