Taylor Rubinato

Associate Principal
Taylor Rubinato | Life Sciences | Charles River Associates

Taylor Rubinato is an associate principal in the Life Sciences Practice of CRA. She has worked on projects related to antitrust, patent infringement, reasonable royalty determination, agreement disputes, reverse payment, and commercial success in the US and Canada. Her responsibilities include supporting expert witnesses on litigation cases, conducting data analyses, and project management.

Selected engagements

  • 01
    Impact of channel stuffing of an antiviral product
    In a Canadian dispute for an antiviral product, CRA was retained to evaluate lost unit sales and lost profits suffered by a branded company from the allegedly...
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  • 02
    Alleged foreclosure from API supply agreements
    CRA was retained by a plaintiff generic manufacturer in antitrust litigation involving an infused hospital pharmaceutical product. At issue were claims...
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  • 03
    Assessing damages market issues for delayed generic entry in Canada
    CRA has been retained in Canadian Section 8 matters to quantify sales and profits a generic manufacturer would have made if it had been allowed to enter...
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