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Patent Infringement Damages

Whether working on behalf of plaintiff or defendant, CRA’s experts provide objective, data-driven analyses that capture the true economic impact of patent infringement. Companies and counsel rely on our experts in all phases of litigation, including pre-complaint damages analysis, discovery to develop defensible damages theories, expert damages reports, and at trial. CRA experts provide well-supported opinions on lost profits and reasonable royalty damages considering the impact of non-infringing alternatives, prior transactions, profitability and apportionment. Our extensive trial experience results in clear and compelling testimony to the trier of fact.


  • 01
    Reasonable royalty testimony related to surgical device patent
    CRA was retained by the plaintiff in a patent dispute to determine the amount of reasonable royalties due as a result of infringement of a patent by a major...
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  • 02
    Infringement of bone compression plates
    In a patent litigation among medical device manufacturers, CRA was asked to assess damages suffered by plaintiff for alleged infringement of patents on bone...
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  • 03
    Infringement of dermal filler patents
    In a patent infringement litigation between rival manufacturers of dermal fillers, CRA was asked to opine on damages suffered by plaintiffs. In an expert...
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