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Cybersecurity Insurance Claims

CRA provides insurance claims consulting to insurers and insureds, including preparing and assessing insurance claims resulting from cyber-related disruptions. We have worked on hundreds of cyber-related claims, and are not only skilled in quantifying damages – such as business interruption losses and extra expenses – and assessing liability and causation, but also well situated to assist in the assessment of technology-related expenses in accordance with the varying insuring agreements under the applicable policies. Our team works collaboratively with company management, the insurer, the insurance brokers, and legal counsel to effectively deliver our services while reaching fair and equitable settlements. If settlements are not reached, our practitioners are experienced expert witnesses in litigation proceedings.


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    Cybersecurity insurance claim - apparel
    CRA assists clothing and apparel business with business interruption loss assessment.
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  • 02
    Cybersecurity insurance claims - insurer
    CRA assisted insurer assess claimed losses resulting from a cyber-attack.
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    Assessment of a disputed insurance claim in excess of $150 million in business interruption losses
    CRA was engaged by a large multi-national insurance company that needed to assess a disputed insurance claim in excess of $150 million in business interruption...
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