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ITC Section 337 Investigations

CRA’s IP experts testify at US International Trade Commission hearings on the economic prong of the Domestic Industry requirement in Section 337 Investigations of alleged importation of infringing products into the US. We assist Complainants in efficiently gathering the information necessary to quantify investments in their domestic industry products, leveraging our economic and accounting experience to properly allocate investments to asserted patents and covered products, and demonstrate the significance of these investments. For Respondents, we are adept at effectively challenging economic prong domestic industry assertions using a fact-based analytical approach.


  • 01
    ITC Section 337 trial testimony on domestic industry for patented medical devices
    CRA’s team of intellectual property experts provided expert testimony regarding the economic prong of domestic industry in an ITC Section 337 investigation...
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  • 02
    ITC Section 337 domestic industry analysis for hybrid vehicle technology
    CRA was retained by a global automobile manufacturer to evaluate whether a domestic industry (DI) had been established by the complainant in an ITC Section 337...
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