International Arbitration Quantum & Damages

Quantum, causation, and expert testimony

We combine world-class industry depth with economic, statistical, financial, and accounting expertise to assess causation, value quantum, and present findings that are clear and compelling. We apply established and evolving methodologies and deliver convincing independent valuations of businesses, joint ventures, securities, and intellectual property and intangible assets, and complex financial instruments. Our experts have demonstrated time and again before all major arbitral institutions the critical nuances of presenting complex issues in an effective and persuasive manner.


  • 01
    Alleged breach of contract in healthcare industry
    James Donohue was retained on behalf of a healthcare firm in a breach of contract dispute as a damages expert. He valuated various cost allocations and...
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  • 02
    Alleged breach of contract in the financial services industry
    James Donohue was retained to address lost earnings and the value of certain profit interests in various investment funds. He provided an expert report and...
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  • 03
    Commercial arbitration in modern art
    Dr. Ozgur Kan submitted an expert report on the lost profits damages on behalf of the claimant in a JAMS arbitration about breach of contract between an art...
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