Creating a pricing and contracting strategy for a novel bispecific antibody within the oncology therapeutic area

Lab testing

Client issue
A leading pharmaceutical company sought support in developing a launch pricing and access strategy for their new bispecific antibody (BsAb) oncology asset in the US market.

CRA approach
We developed a detailed landscape assessment considering both targeted therapies, competing BsABs, and CAR-Ts to generate assumptions on issues likely to drive the pricing and access opportunity for the product and validated these with stakeholders responsible for pricing and utilization management decisions, including payers, GPOs, oncology practice managers, prescribers, and pathway developers. Using these findings and in-house CRA expertise, we developed conclusions on drivers of value and potential barriers to access and developed a revenue-optimization model to assess the impact of pricing and access trade-offs on uptake, before making recommendations on the optimal price and contracting strategy for this novel oncology product.

Client impact
The outputs of this project provided a foundational understanding of the therapy area landscape including key competitors, treatment approach, pricing benchmarks, and expected evolutions in the landscape that could impact new entrants. It also generated first-hand insight from key decision-makers on the value perception of this new oncology product and expected access/utilization management across different settings in the marketplace. Ultimately, our recommendations supported determination of the launch price and input into contracting strategy to support the imminent oncology product launch.