Fraud investigation for transportation and logistics company

Abstract flowing data background

CRA led a complex forensic accounting investigation – executed by a multidisciplinary team of data analytics, accountants, investigative due diligence and computer forensics professionals – in support of an inquiry into conflicts of interest and improper payments to company management by the company’s customers and vendors. We collected and analyzed over ten years of accounting and financial data to quantify amounts misappropriated by management, and conducted detailed transaction testing to identify any additional improper activity.

Utilizing findings from investigative research of individuals and entities of interest in combination with insights identified from electronic document review and our analysis of the company’s accounting records, the CRA team quantified both amounts transacted between the company and the conflicted customers and vendors as well as the amounts paid to or for the benefit of certain members of management. We shared these findings along with our calculation of potential historical and future financial losses to an Assistant US Attorney representing the Southern District of New York.

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