Low-carbon fuel market analysis and modeling project economics for major international energy infrastructure company

Back view of business woman sitting at panoramic skyscraper office desktop front PC computer with financial graphs and statistics on monitor.Analysis of digital market and investment in block chain

Situation: A major international energy infrastructure company was looking to chart an investment strategy regarding low-carbon fuels projects and needed expert support to provide context behind market trends for key low-carbon fuels. A team of CRA consultants were engaged to develop market forecasts for key low-carbon fuels and detail drivers that could affect market growth. The team was also engaged to develop a techno-economic model to assess the delivered cost of these low-carbon fuels to specific ports.

Approach: The CRA team developed a bottom-up view to forecast demand for these low-carbon fuels under various economic and policy scenarios. These forecasts were used as the foundational data upon which CRA provided market insights and analysis. CRA’s experts provided deeper dives into sub-sectors detailing the commercial and regulatory drivers that could ultimately affect how market demand for these low-carbon fuels might materialize.

Impact: The team’s analysis and insights were presented to the client’s senior leadership and supported decision-making regarding investment strategy in the sector.

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