Strategic patent portfolio audit for private equity-backed spinout in life science industry

lab technician with test tubes

A private equity-backed spinout of a large life sciences company retained CRA experts to perform a strategic patent audit to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patents assigned to the new company, determine the alignment of the patent portfolio with the company’s strategic business objectives, and recommend actions that can improve the efficiency of the patent portfolio.

CRA’s team of consultants first segmented the patent portfolio of approximately 250 US patents and 600 foreign equivalents using technology, product and value chain taxonomies. The CRA team then conducted patent review sessions with company subject matter experts to understand the ongoing business relevance and use of each of the patent families, and to identify potential licensing opportunities.

CRA’s expert’s work resulted in the company gaining a clear understanding of how the patent portfolio supports their business strategy, areas where the portfolio needed strengthening, licensing opportunities, and recommendations for abandoning certain patents resulting in significant portfolio maintenance cost savings.

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