Supporting a Phase III R&D strategy within the anti-infective space

Pharma production

Client issue
An emerging pharmaceutical company sought to evaluate Phase III development strategies for an anti-infective drug with potential to treat a range of patient populations.

CRA approach
We reviewed the available data to establish the market landscape with KOL interviews to determine overall market attractiveness and define potential Phase III trials across indications. We modeled potential sales and anticipated cost for development and commercialization to determine financial attractiveness for each indication. Both quantitative and qualitative considerations were integrated to prioritize indications balancing risk and financial and market attractiveness with available resources, capabilities, and strategic considerations.

Client impact
Our work provided global and geographic-specific assessments across a range of indications, providing insights into competitive market dynamics, overall attractiveness, and investment requirements. We delivered recommendations on indication prioritization, highlighting areas where potential trade-offs existed along with consolidated insights into strategic, financial, and resource considerations.