Transforming the Medical Quality and Medical Affairs organizations through AI and data-driven decision making

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Client issue
A top global pharmaceutical company sought technological innovations to update their Medical Quality and Medical Affairs-related operating processes, reporting, and forecasting to reduce personnel burden and optimize reporting accuracy.

CRA approach
With the support from executives within the client’s R&D organization, we established a cross-functional innovation group that created artificial intelligence (AI) models and fit-for-purpose analytics dashboards to streamline manual processes and procedures within the Medical Quality and Medical Affairs functions. We implemented Agile methodology to support rapid development cycles and iterative product launches and created continuous user feedback systems to ensure sustainable long-term adoption and growth of the products and platforms.

Client impact
Within 6 months of implementing our AI-powered dashboards, we were able to reduce 60 hours of meetings per week across 3 global Quality and Medical Information teams. The cost savings are projected to be over $500,000 and with the support of our robust change management and adoption framework, the platform will be expanded to the broader R&D organization.


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