CRA Webinar

Inflation Reduction Act Energy Communities: Opportunities and Challenges from Notice 2023-29 Webinar

April 13, 2023
Idyllic Forest Road

On April 4, the Treasury Department released initial guidance regarding the geographic locations that will qualify for “energy community” bonus tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act. These newly defined energy communities are located in areas impacted by coal infrastructure retirements, with significant employment in fossil fuel industries, or near brownfield sites. While the overall methodology offered by Treasury to identify qualifying energy communities is quite similar to what CRA had proposed, the guidance document raises several questions about data sources and qualification pathways.

This webinar, led by Patrick Augustine and Ryan Iyer provides CRA’s perspective on the guidance and implications for clean energy and storage project development going forward.

Key discussion topics include:

-Existing challenges and uncertainties with Treasury’s data-based approach to energy communities
-Tradeoffs between ITC vs PTC in energy community-eligible projects
-Developing a brownfield strategy to supercharge energy storage projects

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