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NILG 2024 National Conference

July 29 - August 1, 2024
Orlando, FL
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CRA is a proud sponsor of the event.

Valentin Estevez presents during the breakout session titled “Happy First Anniversary, New Scheduling Letter! Lessons Learned and a Look Ahead.”
Contractors began receiving OFCCP’s new scheduling letter almost a year ago. The new letter increased the scope and size of contractors’ submissions and shortened substantially contractors’ time to respond. The letter’s first anniversary is the perfect time for these presenters to discuss contractors’ experiences navigating the new requirements; feedback about the submission process, and the OFCCP’s evaluation of contractors’ submissions. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the panelists and learn about:
• Their peers’ experiences collecting the required items, engaging with the agency to submit responses promptly, and responding to
the agency’s statistical analyses of the data submission.
• The panelists’ experience with the new scheduling letter and valuable advice for contractors to expedite the review of future
• Best practices to design and execute statistical analyses based on the expanded compensation data submission.

Quenton Wright presents during the panel discussion titled “An I/O Psychologist, Labor Economist and Statistician Walk into a (Proverbial) Bar and Discuss Pay Equity…” between an I/O Psychologist, Labor Economist and Statistician addressing the top five most challenging analytical topics in today’s landscape. The panelists will share firsthand experiences and hard-earned advice. Attendees will obtain best practice recommendations on:
• Strategic analysis aggregating compensation snapshots
• Providing OFCCP proof of a “pay evaluation”
• Analyzing and submitting state specific pay data
• Determining pay analysis groups
• Assessing whether an explanatory factor is biased

Hossein Borhani presents the session titled “Keeping Fairness in Workplace AI By Detecting and Mitigating Bias.” AI is rapidly transforming talent management, automating tasks, and promising objectivity in recruitment, performance reviews, and compensation. Yet, concerns over algorithmic bias linger. This presentation demystifies core technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Networks (NN), and explores auditing methods like Bias Detection to equip HR professionals with the knowledge to confidently implement and utilize AI decision-making systems responsibly.

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