Sponsorship & Speaking Engagement

World Orphan Drug Congress Europe 2023

October 30 - November 2, 2023
Barcelona, Spain
Charles River Associates medicine on money

CRA is a proud sponsor of the event.

Bhavesh Patel and Charlotte Poon present the session titled “Access Opportunities for Rare Disease In and Out of Europe.” With several pertinent rare disease policy, HTA, pricing and access reforms happening or expected in the near future with Europe and across other regions, we explore the potential impact of these changes on the potential opportunity in Europe relative to that outside, in other regions, e.g., Asia, Middle East, and North America.

Michele Pistollato and Chris Jones host the interactive roundtable discussion on “Is innovation in RD moving faster than some healthcare systems can handle and causing inequality in patient access?” Having experienced continued and increasing innovation in the development of therapies for rare disease patients, we assess whether advances in innovation are racing ahead of the pace that policymakers and payers are able to effectively deal with and what is needed for this to be a “fairer/more balanced” race for all stakeholders.

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