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Breaking the time capsule: Global Life Sciences industry trends in 2010 and today

March 2, 2023
Robotic pipette with test tubes

CRA’s Life Sciences consulting team recently analyzed past predictions of global life sciences industry trends and compared them to what has occurred in the past decade, identified influencing factors and success drivers of these trends, and applied them to current industry predictions to outline what needs to occur for them to come to fruition in the years ahead.

In our analysis by CRA’s Life Sciences consultants, we divided past predictions into three main categories: accurately predicted life sciences industry trends, off-target, and trends that were not broadly predicted but occurred. Among the accurately predicted global life sciences trends were the rise of new and innovative therapies for rare and orphan diseases and increased interest in development of genomic analysis and DNA sequencing technologies.

Global life sciences industry predictions that were off target included the potential of personalized medicines to transform research and drug development in a wide range of indications. Although there has been progress in the development of personalized medicines, it has been limited mostly to drugs in oncology and has not had the expected impact in other therapeutic areas nor has it resulted in widespread diagnostics, safer dosing options, or tailored patient and physician support.

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