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CRA announces Hydrogen Project Economics Risk Assessment Model (CRA H2Risk)

November 16, 2023
Opportunities in Hydrogen

CRA is excited to announce the launch of CRA’s Hydrogen Project Economics Risk Assessment Model (CRA H2Risk). CRA H2Risk is an artificial intelligence-driven, life-cycle emission assessment model that can help both financiers and project developers assess the probability of (i) achieving the full $3/kg production tax credit afforded by the IRA in the USA and (ii) qualifying as a renewable fuel of non-biological origin (RFNBO) in the EU. Leveraging CRA’s proprietary power system modeling suite, CRA H2Risk will allow you to forecast the potential life-cycle emissions associated with operating a clean hydrogen production asset on an hourly basis through the project’s life cycle and better assess the value of a proposed project. Critically, CRA H2Risk will help you assess the uncertainty associated with your project and the range of possible outcomes to better understand your risk exposure.

Key users of the tool include:

  • Financiers looking to assess the valuation of a potential clean hydrogen production investment
  • Project Developers looking for a third party to help assess the potential emissions associated with the operation of their clean hydrogen production asset and develop an optimal portfolio to maximize the possibility of qualifying for the PTC and RFNBO status.

To learn more about H2Risk, click here.

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