CRA: The future of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

November 21, 2023
Solar Panel, Wind Turbines and Li-ion Battery Container

In this article with Energy Digital, Alpaslan Dilekci and Katerina Kaplet share some insights on key considerations in battery energy storage systems following the Energy Practice’s recent CRA Insights.

With the increasing integration of renewable energy sources and the phase-out of fossil-fuel-powered facilities, the role of battery energy storage systems grows in importance. Storage, when combined with renewable generation, can lead to an increase of the share of renewable energy consumed through its ability to shift the power supply to times when it is most needed. When feeding from the grid and then discharging, it can also provide additional capacity to the power system at times of capacity constraints. Moreover, through a variety of grid services, BESS also helps to balance the grid or maintain its frequency.

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