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David DesLauriers quoted in EnvironmentAnalyst on the Inflation Reduction Act programs

December 9, 2022
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Now that the results of recent US midterm election are clear, Energy professionals seek to better understand how these results could impact ongoing federal energy reforms such as the Inflation Reduction Act, pipeline permitting reform, state greenhouse gas goals and renewable portfolio standards, as well as some other active reforms that could directly affect them.

In this article published in EnvironmentAnalyst and authored by Steve Gilmore, CRA’s David DesLauriers is quoted discussing how mid-term election results could affect key provisions within the Inflation Reduction Act and other active energy policy; and, he also discusses how energy companies should review their goals and plans for 2023 in light of these results.  For instance, DesLauriers comments that rather than pursuing a complete reversal of IRA, Republicans may look towards “enforcement, monitoring, and making sure that the programs are being rolled out in a judicious manner” in 2023. 

DesLauriers also provides readers with key insights and suggestions for Energy companies regarding regulatory risk and compliance as energy reforms continue into 2023.

To read the article and hear more from David DesLauriers, click here.